Fixed wireless is the fastest-growing sector of the broadband industry

Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless is the fastest-growing sector of the broadband industry, characterized by cost-effective deployment,
rapid technology innovation, and many credible new entrants. Networks can be built and upgraded rapidly at a fraction
of the cost of those based on DSL, fiber, cable or satellite technologies.

To date, the industry has served mostly rural and suburban areas where telephone and cable broadband
deployments are often not cost-effective. Nasircle Networks is key in closing the urban-rural digital divide.

How it Works

Typically, a small antenna is placed on your home or office that receives a direct signal from a NASN tower nearby.

Unlike technology used for cellular data, the wireless connection from your home “end point” and the tower allows for fast
reliable service via a fixed wireless connection. This prevents the interrupted data experienced by cell phone users that
often happens as signals bounce from one tower to another.

Stable Up-Time

Nasircle Networks connections do not succumb to the wear and tear outages that can occur from damaged or outdated
wired connections or vandalization. Similarly, incremental weather will not disrupt the service either unlike satellite
connections that become finicky when storm clouds roll in. Nasircle Networks do not fall prey to such obstacles and
thus assure a more reliable advantage.


U.S. WISP Industry Fast Facts

Operators in all 50 States
More than 2,000 Providers
More than 4 Million Customers